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The Best Perk in Town….

February 28, 2009

aifd2The 2009 Philadelphia Flower Show opens to the public on Sunday, BUT…the Show was open for PHS members and their families today.

Known as the PHS Members Preview, this popular benefit allows members to get free tickets to see the Show a day before the general public. To learn more about membership in the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, click here.

In the photo above, you can see PHS members enjoying Milan, the fashion mecca of Italy, come to life courtesy of the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD). Ron Mulray of AIFD says, “It’s wonderful that we have a larger space to work with this year, but whether we have one-square-foot or an acre, we always give it our all.”

Check out our opera singers!

February 28, 2009

Singers from the Academy of Vocal Arts were here last night for their sound check- and wearing their costumes! For a complete listing of our special events, including our entertainment schedules, visit our Special Attractions Page.

Singers from the Academy of Vocal Arts were here last night for their sound check- and wearing their costumes! For a complete listing of our special events, including our entertainment schedules, visit our Special Attractions Page.

A Sea of Roses

February 28, 2009

neptureIt’s not a Flower Show about Italy without a goodly assortment of Roman gods and goddesses. Here’s a shot of Neptune, lord of the seas, waving his trident amidst an ocean of roses, boxwood and ageratum.

This all part of the giant display garden by J. Cugliotta Landscape/Nursery of Southampton,  NJ.

Wedding Bells, Italian-style

February 28, 2009

celebrationsThe Celebrations Design Group, a Flower Show newcomer, invites you to a traditional Italian wedding. As you’ll notice, some guests were unable to attend, but have sent stunning floral arrangements as gifts. These bountiful bouquets include heliconia, calla lilies, amaranthus, hydrangea, and lady slipper orchids.

Gardening at Night

February 28, 2009

nightfallHow do you make a patio more than a patio? Lighting. 

As nightfall approaches, a different kind of beauty emerges in the garden. To showcase the elegance of evening, Nightfall Landscape Lighting–a first-time exhibitor–has designed an illuminating display that includes a patio lit from below.

Playing off the snaking curves of the patio is a garden bed of reds, whites, and oranges. Some memorably-named species include a coleus called ‘Molten Lava’ and a cypress tree known as ‘Golden Thread’.

Ikebana ROCKS!

February 28, 2009


I don’t know about you, but I think ikebana rocks. This style of Japanese flower arranging is beautiful and colorful, but also understated and simple.

Unlike opulent European-style designs, ikebana uses a minimum number of flowers, carving as much beauty from the “negative” (or e

mpty) spaces between each blossom and stem as from the flowers themselves. I don’t know how to describe it—ikebana just speaks to me.


Come see the artful designs of Ikebana International (Philadelphia Chapter 71) in near the back of Hall B. Their arrangements are just magical.

Got Lilies?

February 28, 2009

liliesLilies (Lilium sp.) are among the most eye-catching–and EASIEST–plants to grow in the garden. Just buy some bulbs in spring and plant them at the right depth…and watch ’em go! By mid-summer, you’ll have a knock-out display of lilies in all manner of color, from soft pastels to hot reds and magentas. Some of the taller species need staking, but that’s about all the maintenance lilies need.

So where are the gorgeous lilies pictured above from? Why, from the exhibit of Jacques Amand, the Bulb Specialist, of course. In his display, a curving pathway invites visitors to enter a garden of spring and summer flowering bulbs and exotic amaryllis, some entirely new to the market. Planted in natural settings among beautiful equine sculptures, hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and, of course, lilies add up to another classic Amand display.


February 28, 2009

orchidsThe Philadelphia Flower Show puts on one of the best orchid displays in the country. From popular moth and slipper orchids, to the rarer oncidiums, cattleyas and dendrobiums, there are plenty of tropical species to dazzle the eye.

And if you like what you see, you can buzz over to the Marketplace in Hall C and bring home a sweet lil’ orchid for yourself. Speaking from experience, I have done this many times myself.  :^)

Curse of the Blue Pond Liner!

February 27, 2009

samHere is Flower Show design director Sam Lemheney standing in front of a large water feature this morning (in the display by Joe Cugliotta Landscaping/Nursery). It was a Herculean task to erect this large pool, but it wasn’t without mishap.

Says Sam, “Originally we had a blue liner in this pond and, after we installed it, one of our team said, ‘Y’know Sam, every time we use a blue liner it leaks. Hope it won’t this time.’ I agreed. But then later that day–bam!–the liner started leaking all over the Show floor.”

“So what you see behind me is a new black liner that we just put in and it’s not leaking. So I guess it must be true,” Sam adds, laughing. “Those blue pond liners are cursed!”

CreAtive Camden County KiDz

February 27, 2009

camdencotechTrees, shrubs, and perennials—in fact, there’s a little bit of everything at the Camden County Technical School exhibit in Hall B. Educator Shawn McKay told me that “the kids will tell you they love getting out of school for this, but they learn so much by participating in the Flower Show. This opportunity to design and create a landscape–as well as interact with other schools and industry professionals–is fantastic.”

The Mantis Corporation is the Educational Partner for this exhibit. Learn more about how Mantis makes gardening easier here.

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