Playin’ in the family lounge

note the cushy chairs in the background)

A drawing activity in the Family Lounge (parents: note the cushy chairs in the background)

Now, I’ve been going to the Show my entire life, but this is only my second year working there. And, last year I was shocked at how much was going on beyond the show floor (basically, I LIVED in the culinary demo room and drooled!). Right next door to that room in is the Family Lounge, where families can sit, relax, and let their children play. The room has activities scheduled from some of the areas finest institutions like PAFA and Please Touch, and it also has toys.

Last year was eye-opening, and I had an ‘a-ha!’ moment. You see, my wonderful future-hubby works for Universal Services Associates, a company that creates museum exhibits and interactive toys. Their stuff is amazing and can be seen at the Franklin Institute, the Please Touch museum, and around the world. So, we starting talking and scheming…

We are lucky enough to have some of their crazy contraptions in the Family Lounge this year, so, thank you to Universal Services Associates! Check out these images of some of the interactive toys and games they will be displaying.


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