Asian-Italian Fusion




Dragon roll sushi photo above by Ruth DeBardeleben

Master Chef Joseph Poon is not only giving a live culinary demonstration at the Flower Show but offering a special “Bella Italia” Flower Show menu during the week of the show at his Old City restaurant, Joe’s Peking Duck .

Well, the chef is sticking to his outstanding Asian Fusion cuisine, but he is offering Flower Show visitors with Bloomin’ Fun Pass coupons 10 % off their lunch or dinner bill.  I’m never one to pass up a value or a chance to talk about delicious food, so without further delay, here’s his special menu. Don’t miss the chef’s culinary demo on March 3 at 3 p.m.

Wild Mushroom with Shrimp Pork Wonton Soup


Jicama and Mango Spring Mix Salad with Spicy garlic tangy vinaigrette


Lobster Shitake Pork Dumpling with Japanese Spicy Essence

Coconut Shrimp Puff in Red Curry Sauce

Crispy Vegetable Spring Roll in Thai Tangy Garlic Chili Sauce


Steamed or Crispy Chilean Sea Bass with Chinese Tender Baby Greens

General Joe’s Chicken with Wild Brown Rice


Fresh Fruit, Almond Cookies and Oreo Toasted Sesame Seed Cheese Cake with Mango Couli

>For reservations, call 215-922-0880. Don’t miss Joe’s Wok’ N Walk Tours of Chinatown.

josephpoon1You can see Joe at his demo on March 3 at 3 p.m. Check out his Wok’ N Walk Tour of Chinatown as well.

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