Do I Smell Girl Scout Cookies?


Yes, it’s not a mirage. There are Girl Scout cookies in the office. And that’s because there will be Girl Scout Day at the Flower Show on March 8.

girlscoutThe Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania will be out in full force–and uniform–that day to join with PHS to launch a new patch program that will encourage scouts to conduct greening projects in their neighborhoods.

Through the hands-on program, called  “Planting Seeds, Growing Lives,”  scouts will learn about planting and maintaining vegetables, flowers and trees. Scouts will work in teams to improve open spaces with a goal to become green leaders in their communities.  At next year’s Flower Show, select scouts who earn the new badge will be honored at a special ceremony.

Ah, to be young again. Stay tuned for more info and the reveal of the new patch. Now where are those cookies? 

2 Responses to “Do I Smell Girl Scout Cookies?”

  1. Bridget Davis Says:

    How can the girl scout earn the new patch? I printed out the package. What I need to do to have girl scouts participate on March 8th at the flower show?

    Bridget Davis
    215 808 7345

    • LBH Says:

      Hi Bridget:

      Girl Scouts can earn the patch by completing the new PHS Patch program, called “Planting Seeds, Growing Lives.” More details can be found here or by contacting the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania.

      Girl Scouts who are 17 years of age or younger can come to the Flower Show in their Scout uniforms on Sunday, March 7, and they will be admitted to the Show for $7. Girl Scouts Day tickets are available at the Show Box Office. Girls can come as attendees or if they are receiving their patch.

      FYI: The patches are not available for purchase in stores. Troop leaders should contact Linda Delenick at GSEP to gain the patches.

      We hope to see you at the Show!

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