This is T.J.



T.J. greets each visitor to Beautiful Blooms Urban Floral and Event Design Space, which is exhibiting in the Flower Show for the first time this year.

Even though T.J.weighs 120 pounds, he has a gentle demeanor and makes all of the customers at Beautiful Blooms, located in Northern Liberties in Philadelphia, feel at ease. Owner Donna O’Brien says he hopes for a rub on the back or behind the ear, but mostly he just lays by the table and listens quietly to every word. Clients have laid on the floor with him when they weren’t feeling well and used him as a pillow. He has entertained grooms and relaxed with children. He welcomes the floral delivery supplier and waits for his treat from the UPS driver.

If you haven’t heard, Donna, T.J, and her whole team are opening a 1,200-square-foot European retail shop five blocks away from her current space. This “Best of Philly” winner will offer hand-tied bouquets, cut flowers, flowers by the stem, and arrangements along with gifts, soaps, books, and more. Can’t wait to see it.

To learn more about all the major floral and landscape exhibitors, please visit here.

5 Responses to “This is T.J.”

  1. Janet Says:

    T.J. should be at the flower show, too! He’s the sweetest. . . even when wrestling with a doberman.

  2. LBH Says:

    Unfortunately, we are only having topiary dogs and animals in the Convention Center:)

  3. Donna OBrien Says:

    TJ says his owner Donna O’Brien will be sure to update him on all the beautiful displays that will be at the flower show this year. He has been watching everyone at Beautiful Blooms prepare for the big day. They can’t wait to unveil their exhibit “Sunrise”. TJ will be minding the studio while everyone is off setting up.

  4. Wendy Says:

    Donna that is awesome! I can’t imagine anything better than being able to buy Donna’s beautiful blooms in a flower shop!!

  5. donna obrien Says:

    TJ says that everyonr should bring a friend and come to the Philadelphia Flower Show.There is going to be so much talent and beauty all in one place! It starts on Saturday!

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