By the Numbers



Did you know there’s enough mulch in the Convention Center to fill three Olympic-size swimming pools? It’s true. When it comes to creating the world’s largest indoor flower show, the PHS staff has to think BIG.

Read on to discover other staggering numbers involved in making this stunning Show.

+ The exhibit floor of the Philadelphia Flower Show is larger than 10 acres. In whole, 33 acres of the Pennsylvania Convention Center are utilized for demonstrations, culinary presentations, and other special events.

+ Soon there will be tens of thousands of cut flowers in the Convention Center. Try to count them…or just take our word for it.


a meadowbrook greenhouse

+ Although it’s winter outside, the 1,000 trees in the Convention Center are forced to leaf out and bloom in March.

+ The “Horticourt” displays the winners in each horticultural class. An astounding 3,759 plants entered the Show in 2007.

+ At Meadowbrook Farm, a dozen greenhouses—totaling 18,000 square feet—house nearly 9,000 pots of Flower Show plants.

+ It takes 3,500 volunteers to assist visitors, judge entries, and perform a variety of other tasks. We couldn’t do it without them!

+ Each year more than 250,000 people attend the Flower Show. The funds raised by the Show go toward Philadelphia Green, an urban greening program that revitalizes communities.

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