3 Tips for Snappier Show Photos!


cameraTaking good photographs at the Flower Show can be tricky. Fortunately, digital cameras have made the job easier. Here are a few tips to improve your shots:

1) Learn how to turn your camera’s flash on and off. Sometimes you’ll want to use it, other times not. Flash is best when you’re about 6 to 12 feet from the subject. Too close to the subject, and the flash will wash out all the details. Too far and the flash will fade away before illuminating your subject.

2) If you want to shoot a flower close-up, you have two choices: A) use your zoom to get in close and use the flash, or B) if the flower is well-lit by a spotlight, move in closer and turn off the flash. Just make you stay very still when snapping the shot. (As a backup, take a flash shot, too.)

3) Put the subject “off center” to make a more interesting composition. Photos with the subject (a plant, an exhibit, a friend) in the dead-center can be boring. Mentally divide the composition into thirds and put the subject on one of those lines. This is known as the Rule of Thirds and you can learn more about it here.

Good luck on your photo adventures at the Flower Show. Indeed, taking better photos can be a snap!

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