Ahhh…the smell of mulch in the morning!



Happy Monday everyone!

On a normal day, we are regular people: going to work, residing in either offices or cubicles, and working a 9-5 shift for PHS. But, during Show time, things change a bit. Some of us move out of the office lifestyle and truly begin to eat/sleep/breathe Flower Show–we actually move in to the Convention Center.

This morning I bundled up, braced the cold, took the L to 13th street, got a coffee at Reading Terminal Market, walked into the Convention Center and took a deep breath. And, instead of breathing an excited sigh–I got a big ol’ whiff of mulch.

YUM! Nothing helps a latte go down better!

Just kidding! To be honest, I love the smell. It is like stepping into a completely different world–you get to pretend that it is not freezing cold outside and it’s actually a beautiful early spring day.

So I thought I would take a minute and share the view from my “office” with you.

(Please know that I am choosing my image carefully- I don’t want to ruin the surprise!)


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