Diva-rellas Coming to Flower Show

Show Designer Sam Lemheney and Handmade Gardens' Michael Petrie

Show Designer Sam Lemheney and Handmade Gardens' Michael Petrie

This just in: Downingtown, Pa.-based Michael Petrie’s Handmade Gardens Flower Show exhibit, “The Painted Tree,” will feature a new selection of Tiarella cordifolia that is being named for horticulturist FM Mooberry from the Brandywine Conservancy.

The official horticultural name of the Tiarella will be: Tiarella cordifolia ‘FM Mooberry’.

Tiarella cordifolia is the eastern species of foam flower. This is actually a unique and hardy new introduction by famed plants-man Sinclair A. Adam, Jr. of Dunvegan Nursery, who is often referred to in horticultural circles as the Pharaoh of Foamflowers.

The name of the new selection is being announced by Plants Nouveau, of Baltimore, Md., who is making the introduction.

“Tiarella cordifolia ‘FM Mooberry’ is part of a new series of clumping selections of foamflowers called the Diva-rellas,” according to Angela Treadwell Palmer, president of Plants Nouveau.

“The Diva-rellas are all being named after highly successful women who we feel are “divas” in some way. The Latin meaning of “tiarella” is “tiara” — describing the way these foamflowers bloom with a crown-like appearance. We thought this would be a great name for the series.”

Diva-rellas have already been named for Sherry Kito, a plant scientist at the University of Delaware, and for “Perennial Diva” Stephanie Cohen.

Handmade Gardens will be exhibiting in the Philadelphia Flower Show for the first time this year, having only been launched as a new business in March 2008. However, Handmade Gardens’ owner Michael Petrie has been an award-winning Philadelphia Flower Show “best-in-show” designer for other local nurseries for over 25 years.

During his many years at the Flower Show, Petrie earned praise and recognition for his wildly beautiful, unconventional, even-off-the-wall exhibits, and garnered a cache of “Best-in-Show” Awards for them. Often his exhibits are not so much gardens as they three-dimensional art and environmental installations meant to inspire people try out their own ideas in their gardens. This approach to Flower Show exhibits stems from his studies at the Philadelphia College of Art and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, as well as his training as a horticulturist.

Petrie grew up in Delaware County and is a graduate of Penncrest High School. At present he lives in Swarthmore.

Michael Petrie’s Handmade Gardens is located at 320 W. Uwchlan Avenue, Downingtown, Chester County, PA. Website is www.handmadegardens.net

For more information on this new introduction contact Ms. Angela Treadwell Palmer, President, Plants Nouveau at 410-858-0577 or e-mail: angela@plantsnouveau.com

For more information on Michael Petrie’s Handmade Gardens and/or “The Painted Tree” the exhibit in the 2009 Philadelphia Flower Show, contact Michael Petrie at 610.505.8262 (cell ) and 610.873.2830 (business).

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