Something New from Moda Botanica



There’s nothing like young talent and fresh perspective to breathe new life into a 180-year-old Show. Located at 13th & Pine streets-not at all far from the Convention Center-Moda Botanica is a new floral design enterprise that’s generating lots of buzz, especially as they build their first exhibit (pictured at left).


The Italian Renaissance inspired designer Armas Koehler and his colleagues to new levels of creativity. What makes their exhibit so distinct is the artistic twist on landscape standards. Floral interpretations of Italian terraces, cascading water, and an allée are familiar, and yet like nothing you’ve seen before. Don’t miss it.   

6 Responses to “Something New from Moda Botanica”

  1. simondayne Says:

    You know what else is cool? I spoke with Armas and he told me people will be able to not only walk through the exhibit, but under it as well. Not exactly sure how that works, but I look forward to finding out.

  2. James and Carolyn Hale Cubbedge Says:

    Bailey: We are so impressed and proud. Wish we could be there with you to celebrate.

    Love, Aunt Carolyn and Uncle James

  3. Michele M Says:

    Maybe something to put on my touring schedule? So, this is not actually at the Show, but a few streets nearby?

  4. Judith Says:

    This is an exhibit at the show – the display is called “MODO Moderno” & has won “Best in Show: Display Garden – Floral” and “Best Achievement: Modern Floral Disign. Thought they do also have a shop on 13th and Pine in center city.

  5. Sherry Says:

    Sheer, breathtaking genius, truly a step into the 21st century. Congratulations on your “Best in Show: Display Garden-Floral”, and “Best Achievement: Modern Floral Design” awards. And to think you are newcomers!

    I see the flowers, the water, and they fill my eyes with color and wonder. I see the display, and I see true art.

    From California for now, I hope we see much more of the young MODO Botanica.

  6. Irma "Mimi" Rockwell Says:

    I am so proud of Armas Koehler–I wish I could have been there to see this.
    Irma “Mimi”

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