New Piazza



oliveclipThe new Italian Piazza at the Flower Show is shaping up quite nicely. By week’s end, the piazza will have a host of authentic Italian products with vendors that include Colavita, Regione Sicilia, Artist Paola May, Assouline & Roth and L’Acetalia, Regione Lazio, Azienda Turismo Lazio, and Vespa. For more about shopping at the show, check here.

If you don’t speak Italian, you may wonder what some of the words listed above mean. I mean, what is Regione Lazio? Lazio is the region where the Italian capital of Rome is located. But there is so much more to explore, with its rich heritage of culture, history and nature. Lazio will satisfy many needs, turning a vacation into an unforgettable event. Don’t miss Italy’s best kept secret and its seductive attractions and events….

2 Responses to “New Piazza”

  1. Rosalie Says:

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading the blog. Thanks.

  2. Michele M Says:

    Ah! The piazza!

    I was in Italy last summer and miss the beauitful piazzas!

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