Curse of the Blue Pond Liner!


samHere is Flower Show design director Sam Lemheney standing in front of a large water feature this morning (in the display by Joe Cugliotta Landscaping/Nursery). It was a Herculean task to erect this large pool, but it wasn’t without mishap.

Says Sam, “Originally we had a blue liner in this pond and, after we installed it, one of our team said, ‘Y’know Sam, every time we use a blue liner it leaks. Hope it won’t this time.’ I agreed. But then later that day–bam!–the liner started leaking all over the Show floor.”

“So what you see behind me is a new black liner that we just put in and it’s not leaking. So I guess it must be true,” Sam adds, laughing. “Those blue pond liners are cursed!”

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