Making a Difference with Young People



Karan Rogers makes a great analogy: “Just like flowers, kids need to be loved to grow up healthy and strong.” It’s a philosophy she practices at North City Arts, a program geared toward elementary school students with special needs.

As a tribute to her charges, Karan entered the Flower Show competitive classes this year with a windowbox of alpine plants called “Urban Angels.” A first-time exhibitor, Karan said, “I had no expectations; I just wanted to be a part of the Show. So when I found out I won a red ribbon—well, I was just so excited. I think I even screamed!”

Now Karan has big plans for the children at North City Arts. She says, “The Flower Show has given me such great ideas for projects and lessons! Gardening allows kids to take ownership of something, care for it, and watch it grow. It’s so therapeutic and I can’t wait to share the experience with them.”

2 Responses to “Making a Difference with Young People”

  1. Judith Robinson Says:

    What is the lastest on this group ?

    • PG Editor Says:

      Good question, Judith. I haven’t seen Karan since the 2009 Flower Show, but I look forward to catching up with her in a few weeks! To learn more about North City Arts, call 215-514-4135. Thanks for your interest!

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