Teacher: “No Problem is Too Big to Tackle”



Great things happen in small spaces. This philosophy inspired the students of the W. B. Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences to depict a South Philly storefront with a lush garden tucked away out back. Three classes (landscape design, greenhouse, and landscape construction) united to make this masterpiece, which includes recreations of public art installations, like the famous Mario Lanza mural.

Educator Barbara Brown told me, “When we first arrive at the Show, the kids see the empty space, and are aghast and intimidated. But this project teaches them that no problem is too big to tackle, and once it’s complete they’re always quite happy with the outcome.”  

2 Responses to “Teacher: “No Problem is Too Big to Tackle””

  1. ruthiej Says:

    We spoke with these young people at the show and were impressed with their knowledge and commitment to the exhibit. The exhibit was just wonderful … it was exactly like the garden that my landlord Mr. Angelo planted in Brooklyn, NY.

  2. Carol Says:

    My Grandmother D’Nolfi raised 10 children on her own in a row home during the depression era. To help support her large family Maggie did what she knew best- Cook! She turned her parlor in the front of the house into her own little storefront. She sold homemade bread baked fresh daily, delicious pizza, and also other goodies like candy or Ice cream. Her backyard was not very spacious but it sure was beautiful! On one side of her yard she had her herb and vegetable garden. The other side was a variety of flowers blooming. At the very back of the yard sat her brick oven. Her oven was used all the time to bake the fresh bread or roast a bunch of peppers at once. I can still smell the aroma emulating from the back of the yard into her house. The picture obove have brought back so many memories for me! It is a great reminder the littlest things in life can mean such a great deal when they are just distant memories of the day’s of old…

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