My Favorite Flower Show Moment

ooooh, pretty

oooo, pretty

Now that the 09 Show has come and gone, I’m curious to know what visitors most enjoyed about it.  Is there a moment/exhibit/event that you’ll remember forever? To get the ball rolling, here’s mine:

On Monday night I attended a demonstration about “10 Different Arrangement Styles in the Same Vase.” Not only was this practical information, but the presenter, florist Priscilla Fosnocht, made it enjoyable and engaging too.

After that my companions and I headed to a wine tasting and then meandered to the Show floor. Because of the snow earlier that day, the crowd was light and we really took our time examining and enjoying each exhibit (and hearing the live entertainment).

All that—topped off with dinner in Chinatown—was hands-down my favorite part of the Flower Show. Now that you know mine, what’s yours? Comment away!

2 Responses to “My Favorite Flower Show Moment”

  1. greenscene1 Says:

    I found a great deal on roses from Kremp Florists. I picked up FIFTY cut roses for just 20 bucks, including some amazing pale-yellow ones. There were some great deals all around the Show’s Marketplace, which appeals to the bargain-hunter in me.

  2. Nancy Navarro Says:

    Aside from the actual displays which are always fascinating, especially this years, I really enjoyed the artwork that was displayed. The pressed flower artwork, the flower turned to jewelry section as well as the clever fashion section which also showed beautiful dresses. I really loved that there were alot of eco-friendly green themes. Peco’s display was pretty interesting too. And I didn’t mind getting free eco-friendly bags from Peco and Subaru!

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