Grace’s First Flower Show



I always enjoy hearing about other people’s Flower Show experiences. Below is the story of a mother and daughter making great memories at the Show.

I received two tickets to the Flower Show this year, so I put a bow around them and gave them to my daughter, Grace, for her birthday, complete with a (secret) plan to go to sushi dinner before hand. God forbid the brothers know she’s getting something extra!

The day of the show I got home from work and Grace was all set in a skirt and new yellow polka-dot shoes (also a birthday gift). On the subway we talked about what her expectations were for the show…she wanted to know was it a sit-down kind of show where they present you different flowers? I told her that when we walked into the convention center, to let me know if it was what she was picturing, or something completely different.

When we arrived, we bounded up the big escalator and into Exhibit Hall A…..and the most awe-inspiring look grew as she realized this was NOT what she was expecting! Gigantic vases of real flowers, bigger than her! Huge water fountains! A real gondola! 

Then I informed her that it was all a competition and that you could see the judge’s comments and the prize ribbons. That’s when the evening took off…..we were on a critique tour! We talked about what we liked, how they could have done things better, etc. We especially loved the ‘painting-to-dress-to-arrangement’ competition.dresses

As Grace and I were having our critique, I looked over to find two older ladies craning their necks to listen to us. As we finished, they noted, “Wow, we see it too! How did you know all that?” I replied that we were just making it up as we went. “Well, you’re doing a good job,” they responded.

The succulents were the most amazing plants….so many look like they were from outer space!  The front porch competition was great and even inspiring (“we could do that in our garden”). And bonsai trees from 1650?  “That’s older than our country!”

We had the BEST time, and Grace was by far the best guest I could have ever asked for. It was an evening to remember. 

— Ellen

3 Responses to “Grace’s First Flower Show”

  1. Michael Bruce Says:

    Hi Ellen,
    This warms my heart.
    With each new young visitor, I suspect “seeds” are planted that may become a casual interest in gardening, or a life long involvement in horticulture; both enrich the earth.
    From my perspective, I’m sure there is an “up-and-comer” waiting for the chance to show their skills at a future Flower Show, and this will make the show even more amazing that ever. That’s the beauty of this show: continuum linked to change. Thanks for posting… Here’s to Grace and her future!

  2. Dani Ascarelli Says:

    How great to hear that Grace had such a good time. Your first flower show IS always your best– it just wows you regardless of your age.

  3. Michael Bruce Says:

    This warms my heart!
    I suspect “seeds” are planted when younger visitors experience the Flower Show. Some will develop a casual relationship with gardening, others a full blown love affair. Both are good for the earth.
    From my perspective, I suspect there’s an “up-and-comer” waiting to produce a new way of looking at horticulture that will make the show even better that its been.
    That’s the gift of the show, continuum through change.
    Here’s to Graces future…

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