What a landscaper can do for an urban backyard


cugliotta1Although I have worked at PHS for over 10 years, I really don’t know much about gardening. This year, we decided to “do something” with our backyard and I worked with one of the Flower Show exhibitors Joe Cugliotta (of J. Culgliotta Landscaping/Nursery). This is not a picture of my home, by the way, we are still in a holding pattern of planning, so I took a picture from Cugliotta’s website. I live in the City of Philadelphia in a row home with a small backyard (maybe 15’x20′) and never thought I should ask a landscape designer since I have such a small space. Here is what I learned.

Landscapers can:

– Remove a tree, break up and remove concrete, install paving stones, put up fences, extend a wrought iron fence and remove a grapevine trellis. Most exciting, Joe provided designed layout of your backyard so we could imagine it.

Joe was great and compassionate (I am really embarassed of the state of my backyard) its really ugly. He listened to our needs. We are not good at maintaining plants, so he reccommended easy care plants. He also had great ideas for storage (kids bikes, toys) and how to make the space look better and more functional (extending our iron fence so that vines could grow on them and giving us more privacy from our neighbors).

We are still not sure what to do with our backyard (we have a limited budget and I want to have alot of paving and my husband wants grass). But at least I know what I can do and who to turn to. If you have a small backyard – please post some ideas or pictures. We could use the inspiration! Thanks.

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