Gardening with Less



I enjoyed an online feature in the New York Times this weekend on survival strategies for “Living with Less.”   Readers offered all kinds of simple tips on how to save money, and it got me thinking about gardening. After purchasing a few bags of soil, herbs, a hanging begonia, and paper recycling bags this weekend, I’d certainly love some tips on how to keep the gardening costs down this season.

What are your own strategies for the economic downturn? Ask us a question or share some of your advice!

4 Responses to “Gardening with Less”

  1. Gina Says:

    I have gotten a lot of plants for FREE through my local Freecycling group: Many gardeners thin out their plants and are happy to share hostas, lilies, shasta daisies, pachysandra, etc. Most of my perennials are from Freecycle, and that’s a big savings since they’re permanent!

    • LBH Says:

      Thanks, Gina! That’s a great idea. I’ve heard a few other tips in the last few days like hanging a birdhouse to encourage insect-eating birds, visiting your local tool library, and heading to a composting workshop where bins can be low-cost to free.

  2. H Says:

    This is a great beginning to a Philadelphia-area plant swap:

    Log on and get it going!

    Other thoughts:

    *Craigslist under the “free” section
    *Other neighbors! Ask around, leave letters saying you’re interested in a plant swap or seed swap, strike up conversation with a neighbor about their plants…you’d be surprised what treasures you find!
    *Garage sales
    *PHS’ list of plant sales – become a member or go on the last day to get some great deals-

  3. Amy Says:

    How do you fix a Dix Honda Motor Grass cutting machine ? Its been lying down in my garage since 5 months or so

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