Jamie Does Ambiance


Jamie Rothstein1

In 2008, Jamie Rothstein invited  Flower Show visitors inside and outside an elegant mansion in New Orleans’ Garden District. In 2009, she led us over a bridge on a Venetian canal to a hidden garden of a nobleman’s palace.  For 2010, Jamie will take us half a world away.

The showcase gardens of next year’s Philadelphia International Flower Show will transport guests to the landscapes of Brazil, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand. Jamie Rothstein Distinctive Floral Designs will capture the physical and spiritual beauty of India.

At her studio in Old City Philadelphia, Jamie discussed her plans recently with Show Designer Sam Lemheney and Show Operations Manager Bob Felke. The theme of her 2010 exhibit will be an Indian wedding, but it will encompass much more.

The highlight will most likely be the towering elephant bearing a howdah, the elaborate saddle seat. An Indian groom traditionally enters the ceremony on elephant-back. Jamie’s pachyderm will be made of gray textured fabric and adorned in hundreds of flowers.

Jamie Rothstein2The wedding scene will include a temple facade and ceremonial structure, echoing the architecture of India, covered in bright orange marigolds, and marigold leis will be draped throughout the display. Intricate floral mosaics representing Indian mandalas will surround serene fountains. “There will be cascades of jasmine, with their wonderful scent,” Jamie said, in addition to roses and lotus blossoms that evoke a nation of vibrant colors.

The lively music of Bollywood will enhance the Flower Show, with performances by dancers on the main stage and appearances in Jamie’s floral vision of India.

To learn more about Jamie Rothstein Distinctive Floral Designs, go to www.jamierothstein.com.

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