Five Questions for Maudelin Alston





small niche entry

Maudelin's 2nd place winner in the small niche category last year. The design was inspired by a post card.

MummytouchupMeet Maudelin. You may have seen her in the echoed halls of the Pennsylvania Convention Center early in the morning. Or pouring over lists at the shows office at PHS headquarters. She is the volunteer chair of the Arrangement Classes for the Philadelphia International Flower Show.  Hi Maudelin.

How did you first become interested in gardening?

It really began with my love of color. I was fascinated by the range of color and various shades one can bring to a garden. I became involved with PHS and the Show through my garden club, the Moorestown Garden Club. The club has a long relationship with PHS. It continues to encourage and inspire members to be a part of the Show in a variety of ways.

What is your favorite part of the Flower Show?

My favorite part is opening day. When the entries have been placed and everyone’s gone, I’m in awe when I look at it all. I enjoy witnessing how everyone’s effort, excitement and commitment comes together to make a wonderful Show.

This year, I am looking forward to our new class, Festival of Flowers. It gives the exhibitor a new and creative design opportunity to explore.

What would you like first-time entrants in the Flower Show to know?

EVERYONE is nervous! Including the most experienced exhibitor. Enjoy the process. Take advantage of each opportunity to learn and create a design that you like. In the end, it’s up to the judges for us all!

What is your favorite plant in your back yard?

Right now, my favorite plant is a beautiful deep red Hibiscus that I bought at a local produce stand two years ago. The first thing I see when I look out my kitchen window in the morning is a HUGE, ROUND, RED FLOWER!  Although it will be wilted by the end of the day, I know there will be a new one to greet me in the morning. Patience is valuable in the garden and in life.


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