Calling Young Friends to Volunteer



PHS is looking for young adults (18 -40) to participate in its greening activities and at the Flower Show as volunteers and enthusiastic supporters. If you or someone in your family would like to become a part of PHS Young Friends, please contact us at

Stay tuned for upcoming fall events!

As far as volunteering at the Philadelphia International Flower Show Feb. 28-March 7, 2010, contact Betty Greene (215-988-8826; Betty will connect you with the appropriate Flower Show chairperson. The chairperson will call you with the schedule in November. Volunteers must be 18 years or older.

TIP: Folks who can volunteer for two or more 3-hour shifts are given preference.

To learn more about Young Friends, click here.



givingdirectionsINFONET (People Persons Wanted): Create a lasting first impression as you welcome and direct visitors as they arrive and navigate around the Flower Show. You must attend an orientation and training at the PA Convention Center on Wednesday, Feb. 24 at either 10 a.m. or 6 p.m.

ShoppeFLOWER SHOW SHOPPE: From cashier-ing to stocking shelves to setting up, the Flower Show Shoppe is a busy and exciting place. This year, we’ll have two locations in the exhibition hall. Cashiers are especially needed after 5 p.m. Strength to lift heavy boxes is needed for stocking. A training will be scheduled in February.


INFONET (see description above)

computerTYPING BOOTH: While old-fashioned sounding, the typing booth is actually a bustling computer center in which the names of plant entries are checked and corrected. People with good Word skills and who are familiar with botanical names are most welcome. Training upon arrival.

Morning and Afternoon:

Clematis - Ray RogersRECORDER: Be the vital link who tracks plants from entry to staging. If you appreciate details and like the fragrant smell of fresh green and flowering plants, this is for you. You must attend a training at the PA Convention Center on Friday, Feb. 26. Shifts needed for Friday, Feb. 26, and in the mornings of Saturday Feb. 27, Tuesday, March 2 and Friday, March 5.

Paph. 'Polka Dot' - Mrs. HamiltonSTAGER (Strength needed): Ever wonder who actually arranges the individual plant entries at the Show? If you’re strong enough to lift big pots, tall enough to hang baskets and agile enough to place pots of all sizes, we need you. Stagers are needed on Friday Feb. 26 and in the morning on Saturday, Feb. 27, Tuesday, March 2 and Friday, March 5.

POINTS TEAM: Many Flower Show exhibitors are avid competitors who want to share their plants and win coveted blue ribbons. Help process information to help determine who will win the overall Sweepstakes Awards. The points team enters data, proofreads and files. Four-hour shifts are needed during Show week. Training upon arrival.

Early Morning

tulips (1)EXHIBITOR AIDE (Be the first to see the plants): Starting at 7 a.m., assist exhibitors getting their plants from the Convention Center Parking Area to the Show floor. This is a great job for first-time volunteers. You must attend a training on Friday, Feb. 26.

FrontPorchHORTICULTURAL CLERK: Listen and learn a lot about plants! Accompany judges as they decide the winners. You’ll complete paperwork and place ribbons. Clerks are needed on Saturday, Feb. 26, Tuesday, March 2 and Friday, March 5. No training necessary.


FLOWER SHOW SHOPPE (see description above)

POINTS TEAM (see description above)

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