Artistic Harvest in the Flower Show Marketplace

Artist Jan Kirsh put final touches on a clay fig.

Artist Jan Kirsh put final touches on a clay fig.

A giant marble pepper. A bronze pear. A 7-foot leek.

Jan Kirsh doesn’t grow run-of-the-mill produce.

The artist creates beautiful and whimsical fruits and vegetables in various mediums and sizes for interior spaces or outdoor gardens. A fresh crop of her work will be harvested for the 2010 Philadelphia International Flower Show, which will be  her first visit to the horticultural Marketplace at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.Pear in Bronze Jan Kirsh

Kirsh has been a garden and landscape designer on the Eastern Shore of Maryland for 26 years, developing innovative environments for Chesapeake Bay waterfront properties. About four years ago, she blended her love of horticulture and her training in the fine arts and built a studio in the St. Michaels area.

She describes her pieces as “sensual sculptures,” stylized interpretations of organic forms that can be custom-made for the need and taste of her client. “People love that they have a hand in deciding on which piece, what material, what color, and the size,” she explains. Besides the choices above, the menu includes artichoke, asparagus, avocado, corn, onion, lemon and persimmon. “I also have a two-part fig under way, and an elegant peach and a grape cluster are in the works,” Kirsh says.

They canbe  made of stone, bronze, marble, Forton (a lightweight plaster composite), resin, of GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete). “The color can be matched to the color scheme in the garden, or it can go opposite, playing off the color wheel,” she says. “I’m capable of accommodating many choices.”

To learn more about Jan Kirsh’s extraordinary sculpture, go to Look for her fantastic fruits and veggies at the 2010 Flower Show,  “Passport to the World,” from Feb. 28 to March 7.

Chile Pepper in Garden

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