What kind of Topiary will Irwin Landscaping Create for the 2010 Flower Show?


It is a wonderful design dilemma, says Peter Irwin, owner of the Hockessin, Del.-based company that will exhibit in the Flower Show for its third year this year.

In 2008, for the New Orleans-inspired Show, “Jazz it Up!” Irwin did alligators and frogs. In 2009, for the Italian-inspired Show, “Bella Italia,” Irwin did large wine bottles.



“This year, we are thinking about the different countries featured in Passport to the World,” Irwin said recently. “We are thinking about a paradise island but we are also thinking about polar bears.”

 Last year, Irwin and his team won an award for “Creating a Welcoming Oasis” for their exhibit, Wine on the Terrace. The relaxed, informal setting included a secluded terrace, a blend of espaliered fruit trees and sunflowers, an array of colorful potted plants, accents of flowing fountains, and of course, giant topiary wine bottles.

The 25-year-old business, which specializes in residential design from hardscaping to rain gardens, is looking forward to its next design challenge.

“The Flower Shows is just fun,” he said. “The designs  don’t  have to be completely real life. They can be a fantasy.”


2 Responses to “What kind of Topiary will Irwin Landscaping Create for the 2010 Flower Show?”

  1. patrick leming Says:

    I love it! I wish I had that job! I would be going bananas with wonderful ideas. The possibilities are endless, especially if you use “silk” plants. I don’t know if you have any like tropical indoor designs but you could easily use get some palm trees and things from websites online for really affordable prices. As a matter of fact heres a good one, they sell all kinds of interesting stuff! Keep up the good work! Artificial plants

  2. Vinnie Says:

    Peter, You did it again. Great production and it was sorta cool that we had to use Rt. 1 to get there. Beautiful and it made me come home and work in the yard snow and all. Vinnie the barber

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