PHS Young Friends Enter and Win in City Gardens Contest

•	Young Friend Lora Russo and her boyfriend, Alex Duller, of 19145, entered for the very first time this year and earned a third place for individual container garden.

• Young Friend Lora Russo and her boyfriend, Alex Duller, of 19145, entered for the very first time this year and earned a third place for individual container garden.

Several PHS Young Friends entered – and placed – in PHS’s 2009 City Gardens Contest.  Congratulations to all who entered. Keep up the good work!

PBPioneers, an organization formed by the residents and business owners of Point Breeze to establish sustainable green spaces in the neighborhood, revitalized and maintains the Concert Garden at 2056 Ellsworth Street. The garden won third place for best community flower garden. Young Friend Antoinette Johnson and Point Breeze residents Sara McMillan, Dennis Mackin, Oktavia Cherry helped with the project. Thank you!




 South Philadelphia resident and Young Friend Kim Massare is affiliated with two gardens that placed: The Pemberton Garden on 19th Street, between Bainbridge & Fitzwater streets, won third place in the small combination vegetable and flower garden.

This garden, which is composed of a few parcels of land, recently joined the ranks of the Neighborhood Gardens Association. The NGA recently acquired the title to 706 South 19th Street from the City. In 2001, the gardeners liberated two lots on 19th Street just south of Bainbridge from mounds of trash and old appliances. They created a green oasis of vegetable plots, ornamental plants with a water feature, and a sitting area to rest and enjoy their efforts. 


Kim also helped with the Lower Moyamensing Civic Association’s Gas Station Garden at 11th Street and Snyder Avenue in South Philly, which earned an honorable mention for community flower garden.

“It’s a tiny bit of green at a busy bus stop in the neighborhood, located the base of a towing gas station sign,” Massare said.



This year, close to 400 individuals and groups entered the contest, now in it’s 35th year. Categories included school gardens, community parks, flower and vegetable gardens, children’s gardens, container gardens, garden blocks and more.  Volunteer judges visited each site over the summer and 150 winners were chosen. A full list of winners is available here.  

“The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is proud of each and every entrant for their efforts to improve their own spaces and the city through greening,” said Blaine Bonham, Jr., PHS’s executive vice president. “Winners’ gardens included everything from innovative planters that capture storm water and rain gardens to rooftop gardens and green roofs.”

Bonham will honor the winners and present several special awards, including the annual Eugene E. Smith Memorial Award, at the 2010 Philadelphia International Flower Show, Passport to the World.” The Show will be held Feb. 28 – March 7 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Launched in 1975, the City Gardens Contest is open to all Philadelphia residents and recognizes amateur gardeners for their dedication, creativity and maintenance of gardening projects in the city. Keep the contest in mind for next year!!! The deadline is always early June.

3 Responses to “PHS Young Friends Enter and Win in City Gardens Contest”

  1. Debra Smith Says:



  2. vherdman Says:

    WOW….great job Lora and Alex…………you can come plant for me anytime………..I am green thumb challenged

  3. Great Uncle Buddy & Great Aunt Joan Says:

    Lora, a job well done. Keep up the good work.

    GOD Bless

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