Getting Ready for the Black-Tie Preview Party


From top to bottom: PHS Council Chair John Ball and his wife, Elinor, Preview Party Committee Chair Roberta Dranoff and her husband, Carl, PHS President Jane Pepper, Flower Show Executive Committee member Barbara Meyers, and Prevew Party Vice-Chair Linda Galante.

Against the backdrop of the city skyline, Carl and Roberta Dranoff hosted a cocktail reception for the 2010 Philadelphia International Flower Show Preview Party Committee at their Symphony House home on Oct. 18.

Guests enjoyed the view, sipped on cocktails, feasted on food catered by The Frog Commissary and learned details of the 2010 Philadelphia Flower Show “Passport to the World.”

The committee helps to plan the black-tie event that benefits PHS’s Philadelphia Green program. The Party will be held Saturday Feb. 27, 2010 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  For more info on the party, please visit here.


Stephanie and Dan Ingersoll, Flower Show Designer Sam Lemheney and PHS Senior Director of Development Melissa DeRuiter. Jane Pepper shows off the official 2010 Flower Show scarf to guests, including PHS Council Chair John Ball, and Carl and Roberta Dranoff. Roberta Dranoff , who is chair of the Preview Party Committtee, will be the first to receive one.




Jack and Jane Blandy along with Flower Show Designer Sam Lemheney, were among the 65 guests who attended the cocktail reception. Jack Blandy, owner of Stoney Bank Nurseries Inc., is currently working on a New Zealand-inspired exhibit for “Passport to the World.”


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