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You may remember The PHS Village from last year’s Flower Show. The Village is centered right in the middle of the Show floor at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and informs visitors of all things PHS.

Well, this year’s Village will undergo a dynamic change for “Passport to the World.”

A new redesigned Village will offer a sampler of PHS programs, highlighted by two fast-paced demonstration gardens where visitors can learn how to plant vegetables, herbs or shrubs, design a small-space or container garden, or find answers to their horticultural questions. The 10- to 15-minute lessons will include children’s gardening demonstrations.

“The mini-demos and discussions will provide a place to interact in an intimate way,” PHS Education Director Pat James said recently.

There will be fewer walls in the Village, which will allow easy passage from the demonstrations to the popular Flower Show Shoppe, the specially stocked Meadowbrook Store, and an informative Membership Booth with prizes.

The Gold Medal Plant program will keep an honored space in the center of the Village, with examples of excellent, hardy trees and shrubs recommended by PHS experts.

This year’s Village also will focus on the work of one of Philadelphia Green’s innovative programs, City Harvest.

The program trains prison inmates to plant and raise vegetable seedlings, which are transplanted in community gardens. The fresh produce is then distributed to neighborhood food cupboards to feed under-served families.

“Visitors to the Flower Show will learn how they can support this effort through a variety of ways, and how a small contribution can be amplified in a huge way,” James said.

The new PHS Village will explain the interrelationship of PHS membership programs, Philadelphia Green, and Meadowbrook Farm – all branches of the same strong tree.

“We want to re-engage people with PHS,” James said. “Our message is, ‘Plant yourself in our garden.’ “

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