Burke Brothers Explores the Rainforest of Brazil


Tropical waterfall

Burke Brothers of Wyndmoor, Pa., will take us to Brazil for the 2010  Philadelphia International Flower Show, “Passport to the World.”  Their exhibit is titled “Floresta Amazonica,” which means Amazon rainforest in Portuguese.

 Burke Brothers manager Michele Rich says one of the biggest challenges this year is working with plants that come from a vastly different climate and environment, one that’s dark, lush and tropical.  

“We’re used to designing for Montgomery County,” she says. 

Which is why some of the designers took a trip down to Florida to find the perfect plants to represent the lush Brazilian rainforest. 

Burke Bros. design team and Flower Show staff in Florida. From left: Sam Lemheney (from PHS), Jonathan Troisi, Vivianne Englund-Callahan, Sean Burke, Laurie Clabbers (of Burke Brothers), John Story (Meadowbrook Farm), and Michele Rich (Burke Brothers).

 She says the design team picked out brilliantly colored bromeliads, birds-of-paradise, ficuses and philodendrons. 

“We’re trying to make it as naturalistic as possible,” says Rich. 

They’ll represent the dark side of the Amazon with dense vegetation and representations of the savage wildlife.  

“We’re planning a moving alligator topiary with eyes that light up, and maybe a panther,” says Designer Lori Clabbers.  She’ll also use carnations to create pink flamingoes wading under waterfalls. 

Bromeliads ready for shipment.

       Almost all of the plants will be shipped from Florida right before the Show, including massive 14- to 16-foot palm trees. With almost 800 tropical plants, the exhibit will transport visitors to an exotic and exciting corner of the world. 

For more information about Burke Brothers Landscape Design, call 215-887-1773 or visit their website http://www.burkebrothers.com/

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  1. Joe Kyte Says:

    If you need any topiary framework for LARGE animals, corporate logos or greenwall applications let me know! I found this after somebody googled me from here in search of…

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