No Passport Required: Welcome J. Downend Landscaping


Jim Downend, Flower Show Designer Sam Lemheney and Tom Morris

For the first time, J. Downend Landscaping, a residential and commercial landscape contractor that has served the Delaware Valley for more than 25 years, will be exhibiting in the Flower Show.

Their exhibit, “No Passport Required,” will include what President Jim Downend and his team does best – a Delaware Valley garden.

This garden will be teeming with beautiful plants from around the world in both hardy and tender forms and offer plenty of inspiration and tips on how homeowners can create the same.

Water will cascade down a staircase of Pennsylvania bluestone into a reflecting pool, presenting the appearance of a floating walkway. A bronze globe will be draped in a backdrop of roses and amelanchier while a limestone eagle will be enveloped in snapdragons and delphinium, reminding us that we live in a horticultural melting pot of the global landscape.

We can’t wait.

For more information on all the major exhibitors coming to the Show, please visit here.

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