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Fountains of Ancient Igneous Rock For Sale at the Flower Show.

February 9, 2010

Beautiful art made from pillars of ancient volcanic rock.

This year the Philadelphia International Flower Show is featuring a new vendor who takes the “Passport to the World” theme to a new locale–the Earth’s core.

Robert Wertz, of the Igneous Rock Gallery, makes fountains that are both scientifically fascinating and beautiful to behold, because each arrangement is a 40-million-year-old work of art.

Wertz’s fountains are made from pillars of basalt, an exotic and rare volcanic rock mined in the Okanogan Highlands of Washington state. Basalt contains minute crystals of the minerals olivine, pyroxene, and feldspar.

“We work closely with the geologist who is mining our planet’s only known source of this volcanic rock,” says Wertz.

For Flower Show visitors who are not on the market for a full-size fountain, Igneous Rock Gallery will also sell candlesticks, memory candle urns, tabletop fountains, lamps and other products made from the same volcanic rocks.

Igneous Rock Gallery will occupy booths 530 and 532 in the Marketplace at the Philadelphia International Flower Show. The Igneous Rock Gallery is located in Mechanicsburg, Pa.

For a short video about the fountains and the gallery visit:

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