Moda Botanica Present 15 Tons of “Wow”


The Building-Blocks for the Display

Here’s another vital tip for Flower Show first-timers: walk all the way around the exhibits. If you stick solely to the main paths, you’ll likely miss something spectacular. As proof, check out the Moda Botanica display.

These Center City-based floral and event designers interpreted the Passport theme by thinking about how—in today’s ever-shrinking world—flowers are transported from all corners of the globe. In fact, their exhibit features flowers from Asia, South America, and other far-away places.

Hence the massive shipping containers. Each one weighs about 5,000 pounds and contains an artful arrangement that focuses on a particular color (green, white, brown, etc).

My favorite element of the exhibit, however, can only be seen if you walk around to the rear side. Without giving too much away, it’s a walk-through that meshes haute couture horticulture and urban art.

3 Responses to “Moda Botanica Present 15 Tons of “Wow””

  1. Melissa Says:


    • PG Editor Says:

      Melissa, I couldn’t agree more. Later in the week we’ll have photos of the exhibit in its completed state. One word: Awesome.

  2. mondaymorningflowers Says:

    I loved the completed display… so cool!

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