J. Downend Presents a Patriotic Garden


There is something particularly exciting about newcomer exhibitors and the degree of care and preparation that go into their creations. Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with Tom Morris of J. Downend Landscaping Inc., who shared with me the inside story of his team’s exhibit.

Titled “No Passport Required,” this outstanding display depicts what’s great about America. But here’s the twist: although all the featured plants thrive in the Mid-Atlantic region, they are natives of six different continents (sorry, Antarctica). Helpful signage will show which plants are from Africa, which are from Australia, and so forth.

The central component of the exhibit is the gorgeous iron globe, custom-made in North Dakota for the Show. As a special treat, the Downend people have posted photos of the entire process on facebook. Click here to see how an exhibit is made.

2 Responses to “J. Downend Presents a Patriotic Garden”

  1. Robin Says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    The Downend Team did a fantastic job
    Congratulations on a job well done

  2. J. Downend Prepare a “Tour de Force” for France-Themed Flower Show « The Philadelphia Flower Show Blog Says:

    […] PHS Award for Excellence in the Newcomer Landscape Division. You may remember their exhibit, titled “No Passport Required,” which highlighted plants of foreign origin that are now popular in […]

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