Milk, Eggs, Bread…and a Bouquet!


Ever consider adding a beautiful bouquet to your weekly grocery list? Acme Markets, a Flower Show sponsor, offers fantastic florals at its many locations in Philadelphia and beyond.

And with great flowers come a near limitless number of arrangement ideas. Let Acme show you how it’s done by attending “The ‘Reality’ Show: Using Everyday Flowers in the Home.” This demonstration is presented by Robert De Bellis of AIFD and Susan Glenn, a floral representative from Acme. It will be held in room 201-B at the following times:

Thursday, March 4 at 2 pm
Friday, March 5 at 11 am
Saturday, March 6 at 5 pm

You can also visit the Acme Markets booth in the Hall C Marketplace. See you there!

2 Responses to “Milk, Eggs, Bread…and a Bouquet!”

  1. Barbara Browne Says:

    I watched the preview of the Flower Show tonight on channel 6, they mentioned getting free tickets by going to this site and typing in “Pepper.”

    I couldn’t locate any information about contest on your site.
    Is this the correct way to receive tickets?

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