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The Art of Horticulture

February 28, 2010

Like flowers? Can’t wait for spring? Can’t wait to enjoy the aroma of thousands upon thousands of fresh flower blossoms? Come down to the Flower Show and steer over to the front of Hall B, where the competitive plant classes are held. Not only will you see which plants took the blue ribbon or won special commendations, but you see simply spectacular horticulture. And if you have questions, go to the Hort. Information Booth for all the answers.

You will see everything from orchids to the spring bulbs pictured above, photographed just this morning. This area of Hall B is truly horticulture heaven.

Jane’s Fabulous Gowns

February 28, 2010

On the evening before the Flower Show opens, the traditional Preview Dinner takes places, replete with tuxedo’d gents and ladies in glamorous evening gowns. PHS president Jane Pepper always wears one of her famous “gem colored” gowns and, as a celebration of her 29 years of service, the dresses were displayed for Preview Dinner guests. Here they are back in the Show offices, after the wonderful party wound down. Wow!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Flowers

February 28, 2010

These are the kinds of scenes you see all over the Flower Show: whether it’s two friends, a mother and daughter, couples, or families, they’re all delighting in the color, fragrance and beauty of the garden displays. It’s the perfect way to spend a late winter’s day.

Bring Kids to the Show…and Relax!

February 28, 2010

If you want to brings kids to the Show, go ahead! Sponsored by Fisher-Price, the Family Lounge on the Bridge Concourse is a free play and resting area for families with small children. Here, kids can play with toys and games, as well as meet guests like the Fisher-Price Little People who showed up on Sunday.

And if you want to learn about the great deals on family tickets for the Show, click here and read about the Family Fun Pak.

Subaru, Sushi and Spring

February 28, 2010

The Philadelphia International Flower Show is about a lot more than gardens. This morning, Subaru of America, Inc. , the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia and restaurateur Madame Saito,  unveiled a 6 -foot-long edible sushi garden to honor the Show’s new international title.

Saito, owner and chef of Philadelphia’s Le Champignon de Tokio, and a team of eight, created the sushi garden, which included butterfly-shaped maki, a cherry blossom tree made from chocolate and ginger, her famous Philly rolls (smoked salmon and cream cheese), vegetarian tear drops and more.

Saito announced she is opening a new restaurant, The Headhouse, at 122 Lombard Street.

Subaru of America, Inc., has been the premier sponsor of the Flower Show for nine years.  Don’t miss Subaru’s Japanese garden and tea house on the Show floor several gardening demonstrations by Subaru in the Gardener’s Studio throughout Show week.

Passport to the Past: Childhood Rediscovered

February 28, 2010

Exhibits at the 2010 Flower Show transport visitors to distant places like South Africa and Singapore. But Mark Cook Landscaping presents a place that’s even harder to access: childhood. Titled Remember When… this display asks visitors to recall a simpler time. A time when your imagination ran wild and a backyard offered endless adventures.  

The focal point, an akimbo clubhouse made from salvaged wood, captures the whimsical worldview of children. Youngsters are sure to be swept up by this exhibit, and I suspect their parents and grandparents will be as well.

And the Winner is…

February 28, 2010

Robertson's Flowers, One of Yesterday's Award Winners

The Flower Show only opened this morning, but already the awards are rolling in. With so many awesome exhibits to choose from, the judges certainly had a tremendous challenge. All the same, here are the Saturday winners. Congratulations!

2010 Philadelphia International Flower Show Major Awards

The PHS Flower Show Award – Best in Show – Academic Educational

  • Temple University, Ambler, School of Environmental Design

The PHS Flower Show Award – Best in Show – Display Garden – Floral

  • MODA Botanica

The PHS Flower Show Award – Best in Show – Invitational

  • OuterSpaces, Inc.

The PHS Flower Show Award – Best in Show – Display Garden – Landscape

  • Romano’s Landscaping

The PHS Flower Show Award – Best in Show – Nonacademic Educational

  • Fairmount Park

The PHS Flower Show Award – Best in Show – Plant Societies

  • North American Rock Garden Society, Delaware Valley Chapter

The PHS Flower Show Award – Best in Show – Showcase Garden

  • American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD)

Even more awards after the jump!


A Blissful Backyard Setting

February 28, 2010

In addition to being an accomplished landscaper, Leo Lorenz of Lorenz Landscape Contractors is also a wonderful storyteller. Here is how he describes his company’s exhibit, titled Serenity.

Imagine you’re a gardener in Japan. You wake up early in the morning, stretch, and head outside to your backyard garden. Once you pass the three-tiered fountain, you cross the wooden stepstones over a small stream and enter your bonsai work area. Away from the busy world and at one with nature, you pass the hours carefully and peacefully tending to your miniature tree.

Captivating stuff, right? And even if you aren’t a bonsai master, Leo and his team can still transform your plot of land into a personal oasis. All of the species on display in Serenity will thrive in your Mid-Atlantic yard, including blooming azaleas, rhododendrons, and weeping cherry trees—so imagine the possibilities!   

The 2010 Philadelphia International Flower Show is Now Open!

February 28, 2010

The 2010 Philadelphia International Flower Show is now open to the public! For the next week, the Pennsylvania Convention Center will host the biggest garden party in the world, with visitors coming from all over the planet to get an early blast of fun, fragrance and Spring.

With a global theme of “Passport to the World” and dozens of lavish exhibits, this year’s Show is the must-see event of the season, especially with all the snow we’ve had this winter. C’mon down!

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