A Blissful Backyard Setting


In addition to being an accomplished landscaper, Leo Lorenz of Lorenz Landscape Contractors is also a wonderful storyteller. Here is how he describes his company’s exhibit, titled Serenity.

Imagine you’re a gardener in Japan. You wake up early in the morning, stretch, and head outside to your backyard garden. Once you pass the three-tiered fountain, you cross the wooden stepstones over a small stream and enter your bonsai work area. Away from the busy world and at one with nature, you pass the hours carefully and peacefully tending to your miniature tree.

Captivating stuff, right? And even if you aren’t a bonsai master, Leo and his team can still transform your plot of land into a personal oasis. All of the species on display in Serenity will thrive in your Mid-Atlantic yard, including blooming azaleas, rhododendrons, and weeping cherry trees—so imagine the possibilities!   

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