Come See a RARE Blue Poppy!


There’s aren’t many places to see blue poppies in the world…the Himalayan Mountains being their natural habitat. But the garden virtuosos at Longwood Gardens have coaxed a few specimens into bloom in time for the Flower Show and they’re just beginning to bloom! So run down to see this rare beauty while in the next day or two…unless, of course, you’re going to be visiting the Himalayas soon.

2 Responses to “Come See a RARE Blue Poppy!”

  1. Carlo A. Balistrieri Says:

    Your name could be confusing. ‘Lingholm’ and x sheldonii are two different plants. Meconopsis x sheldonii is a hybrid designation and is thus man-made. ‘Lingholm’ is more properly Meconopsis Fertile Blue Group ‘Lingholm’ and is a seed-raised cultivar of indeterminate origin.

  2. mugume Adolf Says:

    Am relly very happy, i happen to be one who really loves and treasures flowers, here in uganda i have some flowers but i have always longed to hear my partners who also love flowers like me but when i read this today i just rushed to search for where to leave my comment in thanks giving, we can keep in tourch dia flower lovers, i liked this may be if i can hear more from you i willl join you to celebrate the flower day, thanks

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