Ice-Cold Exhibit is Red Hot!


Sick of the snow? Well indulge us for just a while as we share with you Polar Fantasy, Schaffer Designs‘ latest creation.

When designer Bill Schaffer heard of the Show’s international theme, he asked himself: “Where in the world are you least likely to find flowers?” The answer quickly came to him and, being the type to embrace a challenge, before long he was making sketches of his Antarctic world.

The white-on-white…on white exhibit features an ice cave with shimmering stalactites and stalagmites, a frozen pond, and crystal-like ice shards protruding from the ground. Even the floor is white to complete the arctic illusion. In terms of plants, expect to see orchids, birch, and lilies (all white, needless to say).

If this exhibit sends chills through your body, check out this video.

3 Responses to “Ice-Cold Exhibit is Red Hot!”

  1. mondaymorningflowers Says:

    Really enjoyed the display!

  2. Scott Darhower Says:

    This is just fabulous!!!!!

  3. Schaffer Creates Movie Magic for Flower Show « The Philadelphia Flower Show Blog Says:

    […] undersea mermaid hideaway. An ice-cold polar playground. As his past Flower Show exhibits prove, Bill Schaffer of Schaffer Designs doesn’t back down […]

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