OuterSpaces Offers an Out-of-Sight Oasis


Sensual may sound like an odd description for a Flower Show exhibit, but if an exhibit features chocolates, strawberries, and a freshly corked bottle of wine—what other word is there? The setting, complete with an ever-flowing hot tub and water walls, is a 21st century Latin American urban oasis.

But beyond being sensual, this OuterSpaces, Inc. display is also smart. Brothers Robert and David Nonemaker wanted to address today’s environmental concerns by using sustainable woods, living walls and roofing materials, a solar shade structure, and low-volume water features. The horticultural concept is to show how plants can thrive inside of an urban environment and enhance valuable living space. Furthermore the abundance of plants help to cool the surroundings.

2010 is the first time OuterSpaces, Inc. has participated in the Flower Show, but we hope they come back year after year. To learn more about this exhibit came together, watch the videos below.

One Response to “OuterSpaces Offers an Out-of-Sight Oasis”

  1. S. Andrews Says:

    Smart, sophisticated, fun, emminently liveable, and beautiful design! You really blew away all the competition at the show this year. I hope you will be there every year going forward. Such good vibes from your display–thanks and congratulations on a terrific design.

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