AIFD Takes us to Africa!


Come see the AIFD giraffe in their floral tribute to South Africa

The spirit of South Africa comes to life in the stunning creations of the American Institute of Flower Designers. Led by Ron Mulray, many of the country’s most renowned designers have collaborated on this multi-dimensioned masterpiece. The exhibit includes: niche arrangements that pay tribute to the mining and weaving industries, elaborate masks and costumes made of natural materials, and a floral interpretation of the “Nine Tribal Faces of South Africa.”

Of course it’s impossible to ignore a towering giraffe! This life-size metal form is adorned with orange orchids and leaves a lasting impression. Other beasts of the wild include an African lion (with an unruly mane of grasses) and colorful birds high above on a branch.

Ron says, “Some people from South Africa have been through the exhibit and told us we got it right. That’s extremely gratifying.” The general public seems to agree, AIFD won the PNC People’s Choice Award three different days!

2 Responses to “AIFD Takes us to Africa!”

  1. Wedding Trends 2010 – Juicy Fruit | Trends Search Says:

    […] AIFD Takes us to Africa! « The Philadelphia Flower Show Blog […]

  2. lize Says:

    Is it possible to hire the giraffe and lion for a matric farewell

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