Flower Show Celebrates the Philly Water Dept.


When you visited the Flower Show you surely saw the Philadlephia Water Department’s wetland landscape. But did you know that the Water Department (PWD) and PHS are year-round partners through the Philadelphia Green program? In fact, on the final day of the Show, Philadelphia Green recognized PWD for what has been a tremendously productive and rewarding partnership since 2003.

Together Philadelphia Green and PWD (most often the Department of Watersheds) have tackled the ongoing issue of stormwater management. These efforts have helped to keep the rivers clean and prevent sewers from being overwhelmed by excess rainfall.

Here are some highlights of the partnership: PHS and PWD have…

* Explored methods of low-impact development (i.e., detaining, diverting, or filtering rainfall through natural processes).
* Transformed five parcels of vacant land into demonstration sites, outfitted with berms and trenches that serve as natural sponges.
* Created rainwater sites at Jefferson Square Park, West Mill Creek Recreation Center, and Clark Park, among others.
* Restored a rain garden in Cliveden Park with handsome, functional terracing.
* Diverted rainfall from Midvale Ave; a process that can be replicated on other highly trafficked streets.
* Assembled the Stormwater Planter Design Showcase, a book featuring designs of curbside planters as envisioned by two dozen ecologists, horticulturists, and landscape architects.

I can only wonder what the two organizations will come up with in the years ahead!

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