Thank You to Show Visitors and Volunteers!


Now that the Flower Show has closed, PHS would like to thank the thousands of visitors who joined us for Passport to the World, a global celebration of flowers, plants, and people.

All week we heard great stories from guests who view the Flower Show as a yearly tradition that simply can’t be missed. For many, it’s seen as awesome way to usher in spring.

William Cannon & David Narwich

One story that stuck with me was that of William Todd Cannon and David Narwich. Despite living 600-some miles away in Michigan, they’ve made it a point to attend the Flower Show for the past 16 years. Beyond visiting, they also volunteer and help facilitate the gardening workshops offered all week. Thanks, guys!

In fact, now is a good time to thank all 3,000-plus volunteers who donate their time to putting on such a spectacular Show. In all seriousness, we couldn’t do it without you, and we hope you all plan to join us again in 2011!

2 Responses to “Thank You to Show Visitors and Volunteers!”


    I have a photo of a man /an exhibitor/ who was with the group demonstrating “bare root” trees. He has a unique beard which is
    tied in zebra stripes. I would like to send him his picture. His name
    is sort of visible on his name badge. I was there on Saturday afternoon,
    March 6th in the afternoon.

    May I send the photo to you for further identification?


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