The Ever-Popular Miniature Marvels


When the Flower Show opens each morning, I can always count on seeing a group of people flock to the miniature settings found in Hall B. For brevity’s sake you could describe these exhibits as dioramas, but I don’t think that word fully captures the artistry (and patience!) required for making these displays.

As they’re such crowd-pleasers, I thought I’d share photos of some outstanding miniature settings from past years. Please note that all the featured plants are real, not props. I’ve also thrown in some behind-the-scenes photos of what it looks like on the other side of the exhibit. Enjoy!

One Response to “The Ever-Popular Miniature Marvels”

  1. Beverly Sue Palaia Says:

    I won best of show in minitures…. the first picture of the front was not of mine or even from this years show … the picture of the back is of mine….. Do you need a jpeg of the front of my room?

    I know that Chris, the chair has pictures taken this year…. the only photo from this year is the back of my entry.

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