“Passport” Show Gets Great Reviews


All sorts of media were in attendance at Passport to the World, and it looks like we made a good impression. Below is a sampling of what some major news outlets had to say:

The Washington Post highlighted “jaw-dropping floral displays” and said the Flower Show’s “lushness evokes the floral imagination of the movie Avatar, though in this Philly forum the 3-D experience requires no special eyewear.”

The Boston Globe called the Philadelphia presentation “the best, and worth the trip for flower show lovers.”

The Norwich (Ct.) Bulletin said: “The largest indoor flower show in the world re-invents itself annually, turning 10 acres of exhibit space into a lush maze of horticultural fantasy.”

Garden Design Online reported: “This year’s theme is one of the top shows I’ve seen (and I’ve seen many). It’s a passport to the end of winter and those many snowstorms..and it’s inspiration for the coming year in the garden.”

The Harrisburg Patriot-News declared: “If you’ve never been to this eight-day, world-class botanical wonderland, add it to your bucket list.”

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