Beautiful Blooms Interlaces Flowers and Fashion


Donna O'Brien leads a floral demo at the 2010 Philadelphia International Flower Show.

Donna O’Brien of Beautiful Blooms led her first demonstration at the Philadelphia International Flower Show this year, and it was a beautiful blend of floral and fashion design.

Entitled “Fashionable Flowers,” Donna’s demo included the creation of a necklace of crystal garlands, delphinium and thistle, and fastatic handbags made of moss and wire.

Donna began her career in the fashion industry, and she brings her sense fo style and innovation to her floral design business based in Northern Liberties. Her extraordinary exhibit of hanging glass vases at the 2010 Flower Show, inspired by topographic maps and entitled “Global Terrain,” won the PHS Award of Excellence in the Newcover Florist category.

Read Donna’s artful blog at

4 Responses to “Beautiful Blooms Interlaces Flowers and Fashion”

  1. Jake Sully Says:

    those flowers are really beautiful…

  2. Andrew Beveridge Says:

    Great blog – keep up the good work !!

    Wedding Photographer South Wales

  3. Karen Silk Says:

    Donna O’Brien is definitely of the best in this business. Truly a master in floral arrangements.

  4. Florist Sydney Says:

    As a florist, such an event makes me really proud and hope I was there to join the celebration.

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