The View from Butterfly Hill


Sam Lemheney, Director of Design for the Philadelphia International Flower Show, is in South Korea to share information about the creation of the Show with professional and student groups. This is his latest dispatch:

On Thursday we traveled to Geumsan, the ginseng capital of the world and about an hour south of Daejong, to present to the folks who produce the Geumsan Ginseng Festival. The presentation was cumbersome, to say the least. I had to speak one sentence at a time, and then the translator repeated it in Korean. The audience  seemed to enjoy it, because they asked many questions about the Flower Show afterwards.

We then traveled farther south to Hampyeoung, the site of the Butterfly Festival. When we arrived we were given a tour of the festival site, which is a permanent butterfly and flower garden theme park. The park is open year-round with special exhibits and programs, and entertainment during the festival. It was quite impressive. Butterfly Hill is the icon of the park. It is on a centrally located hill and can be seen from all over town. The butterfly is made of azaleas. The petunia tree is one of two flanking a large interactive fountain near the park entrance; it consists of more than 2,500 petunia baskets. The weather prior to our visit was almost freezing; otherwise the petunias would have been in full bloom. 

Friday was the main program: “Success Factors and Festival Development Strategy of Global Festival.” The panel included Mr. Oh, Butterfly Festival director; Ko Veltman, butterfly expert from the Netherlands; myself; Prof. Park, vice president of Chungang University; Prof. Lee, director of tourism at Kyunghee University; Prof. Jeong, director of tourism and festivals at Paichai University; and Prof. Sim, director of tourism at JunJu University. We spoke to about 100 festival and event producers from around the region. It was a tremendous learning experience and most of the attendees wanted to know more about our Flower Show.

After the program we traveled back to Daejong for dinner and real Korean karaoke.  No pictures, but I can tell you it was absolutely hysterical.

Saturday we will be presenting to the undergraduate and graduate students of festival and event management at Paichai University. Then I return home Sunday. What an amazing experience.

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  1. sees egal Says:

    the photos of this astoundingly beautiful display is breathtaking. Thank you for your very kind attention,

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