Would You Like to Become a Green City Teacher?


PHS, producer of the Philadelphia International Flower Show, will lead a Green City Teachers Summer Series: Creating a School Garden Workshop on Wednesday, June 30 from 8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. at Penrose Elementary School, 2515 S. 78th St., Philadelphia, PA 19153.

The free workshop is open to the public, members and professionals.

Designed for teachers, the course will show participants how to design, build, and maintain a year-round school garden. Topics will include classroom activities, involving the community, gardening and testing, and working with administrators.

Participants will help build an outdoor school garden. Pre-registration for this course is required. The deadline to register is Friday, June 25. Contact Sally McCabe at greencityteachers@pennhort.org or 215-988-8846.

The Philadelphia International Flower Show is not only America’s premier horticultural event but a fundraiser for PHS’s Philadelphia Green program, which brings people and partners together to transform communities.

3 Responses to “Would You Like to Become a Green City Teacher?”

  1. Linda Delenick Says:

    Please confirm my registration for this training on Wednesday, June 30.

  2. Teresa Says:

    What an amazing idea! I wish this had been implemented years ago. I am sure this will be a well-received program. I look forward to reading updates on the Green City Teacher program. If you need help spreading the word, we’d be happy to on our blog.

  3. Sol Chavies Says:

    Fantastic! I was searching for something most of the week. I really wish that people would write more about this. I really appreciate the post

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