J. Downend Prepare a “Tour de Force” for France-Themed Flower Show


Jim & Tom

“When we tell people we’re working on the Flower Show, they usually say, ‘So soon?’ I always feel like we should have started long ago!”

So says Tom Morris of J. Downend Landscaping Inc. But he needn’t fear! Members of the Flower Show team met with Tom and Jim Downend recently and were bowled over by their ideas for the March 2011 Show.

We don’t want to spoil any of the surprises, but here’s one teaser: Lance Armstrong will surely be a fan of this display. OK, want one more? The Downend team hopes to force some trees that have never been featured at the Show before. (You’ll have to attend the Show to see what species!)

When not sketching for the Flower Show, the Crum Lynne, PA, company is plenty busy with their year-round landscaping services. For nearly 30 years J. Downend has designed, installed, and maintained quality landscapes for homes and commercial properties.

While their excellent work speaks for itself, Tom says that exhibiting at the Flower Show adds to a business’s credibility. And Downend’s freshmen year was an all-around success. The group earned the PHS Award for Excellence in the Newcomer Landscape Division. You may remember their exhibit, titled “No Passport Required,” which highlighted plants of foreign origin that are now popular in America.

Will their 2011 exhibit surpass the self-imposed high standard? The Flower Show is months away, but at PHS we think we’ll see the J. Downend team doing a victory lap around the Convention Center this March!

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