Do We Hear Wedding Bells?


Robertson's COO Lisa Roth and designer Eric Schellack plan to create a wedding at Notre Dame for their exhibit at "Springtime in Paris"


It’s been a few years since Eric Schellack visited the City of Lights. The college graduate was only 22 when he toured Paris and walked  the steps of Notre Dame. But no one forgets the beauty that surrounds the dramatic architecture of Paris. 

Schellack, the wedding and special events manager for Robertson’s Flowers, will help create a Notre Dame wedding at the 2011 Philadelphia International Flower Show. 

“It’s going to be fantasy,” Schelleck said recently. “The biggest challenge will be going high up in the air. …” 

Flying buttresses, gargoyles covered in live plant material, passionate bursts of reds and white, you name it. 

Schelleck said he’s looking forward to mixing new and old, a trend in today’s weddings, and something Robertson’s does best. 

“Brides want clean lines and the modern restrained look. We love to create that sleek design but play off old architecture,” he said. 

In 2010, Robertson’s won a PHS Award of Distinction and a Best Achievement Award for designing a flower-filled Dutch adventure for “Passport to the World.” Robertson’s Flowers has been part of the Flower Show for more than 30 years.  “Springtime in Paris,” will be presented March 6-13 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. 

Stay tuned for more!

2 Responses to “Do We Hear Wedding Bells?”

  1. Kate Says:

    From a passionate Francophile who climbed the steps of Notre Dame at 20, and who at 60 wouldn’t have even THOUGHT of doing it (!), I am so looking forward to my very first Philadelphia Flower Show and the wonderful floral experiences of Paris I will find there!

  2. Patsy Menig Says:

    Robertson’s is always one of my favorite displays. Really looking forward to 2011. I haven’t seen Paris in 40 yrs!

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