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Postcard-Worthy Paris Photos: Submission 8

January 31, 2011

Karen S. is the shutterbug behind this great photo. She was in Paris a few months ago and said “it was a fascinating city, full of surprising angles and placements.”

Well said, Karen! She, like most of the people who voted in last week’s poll, is enchanted by the Eiffel Tower.

Postcard-Worthy Paris Photos: Submission 7

January 29, 2011

A floral artist, Azheny Z. has an eye for taking great photos. Wrought-iron balconies, tulip fields, and gilted statues—Paris provides endless inspiration for our Flower Show exhibitors. Have you purchased your tickets yet?  

Postcard-Worthy Paris Photos: Submission 6

January 28, 2011

These photos from Julie G. B. aren’t of Paris, but the south of France is close enough! Nice sure looks nice, right? (OK, that was super cheesy, sorry.)

Help Beautiful Blooms Pick their Plants!

January 27, 2011

Donna O’Brien and the team at Beautiful Blooms Events are currently winnowing their plant list, trying to determine the lucky few flowers to feature in their exhibit.  The color palette is primarily pinks and yellows, and the finalists include protea, orchids, ginger, dahlias, and more.

Visit the terrific Beautiful Blooms Blog to learn more about their deliberation. And let us know which of these options you’d like to see make the final cut.

Wine Tasting & Tour at Meadowbrook Farm

January 26, 2011

Looking for the perfect pre-Flower Show pick-me-up? We got that. On the evening of February 22, join PHS for a French wine tasting and behind-the-scenes tour of the Meadowbrook greenhouses. Meadowbrook Farm grows a major percentage of the plants used in Flower Show exhibits, so this is a sneak preview is something special.

As France is home to some of the greatest wines on the planet—and this year’s Show theme is “Springtime in Paris”—PHS has invited sommeliers from the Wine School of Philadelphia to share their expertise while guests sip samples.

Additionally, John and Jessica Story of Meadowbrook Farm will lead tours through the greenhouses and share their incredible knowledge of the plants about to take center stage at the Show.  You’ll also be able to shop the Meadowbrook gift shop and greenhouse, filled with traditional and exotic houseplants, glassware, jewelry, vases, and statuary. You can also be among the first to see special 2011 Flower Show merchandise. As always, PHS members enjoy a 10% discount on Meadowbrook plant purchases (non-sale items).

This Tuesday, February 22 event runs from 6 pm – 8 pm and is open to the public. Register here.

Postcard-Worthy Paris Photos: Submission 5

January 25, 2011

I don’t know about you, but all these Paris photos are getting me excited for the March 6! Flower Show fan Monique sent in this pic from a trip she took with her husband in 2003.  I love how you can see the Eiffel Tower peeking from behind the tree.

Send your Paris photos to And don’t forget to buy tickets to the big event!

Give it a Guess: J. Downend’s French Connection

January 24, 2011

Show exhibitor J. Downend Landscaping offers up these intriguing images of their in-the-works display. Sound off on what you think they may be up to. Every guess is a good one! And when you see the Show for yourself, look for how these items are incorporated into the completed exhibit. 

Postcard-Worthy Paris Photos: Submission 4

January 23, 2011

AnnMarie C. of Fallston, Maryland, snapped this photo of Paris’s Luxembourg Gardens in November 2010. Lovely, right?

The deadline for submitting Paris photos is Wednesday, Jan. 26. Send them to

PHS Publishes New Guide for Community Gardeners

January 21, 2011

PHS is proud to announce its latest publication: Community Gardening: A PHS Handbook. This new book shows readers how to work collaboratively with friends and neighbors to create a thriving garden for all to share. If you’re a Flower Show fan with a passion for cucumbers and community, purchase a copy today.

In its pages you will learn how to secure the land on which you garden, work with local businesses and officials, reach out to the wider community, and sustain the garden for years to come. Based on PHS’s decades of greening, the Handbook is an indispensable tool for community gardeners everywhere (and it has great photos too!).

Purchase the book for you or a loved one at Also check out its companion piece, The PHS City Parks Handbook. As with the Flower Show, proceeds from the books benefit PHS’s greening programs, including tree plantings in the tri-state region.

Postcard-Worthy Paris Photos: Submission 3

January 19, 2011

These Paris vacation pics, sent in by Michael Hoover, artfully capture three of the six showcase themes of the 2011 Show. Up top we have Timeless Paris.

This one is clearly Gourmet Paris.

Those gorgeous gowns look like Opulent Paris to me!

If you have photos from a trip to Paris, send them to and we’ll post them here!

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