PHS Publishes New Guide for Community Gardeners


PHS is proud to announce its latest publication: Community Gardening: A PHS Handbook. This new book shows readers how to work collaboratively with friends and neighbors to create a thriving garden for all to share. If you’re a Flower Show fan with a passion for cucumbers and community, purchase a copy today.

In its pages you will learn how to secure the land on which you garden, work with local businesses and officials, reach out to the wider community, and sustain the garden for years to come. Based on PHS’s decades of greening, the Handbook is an indispensable tool for community gardeners everywhere (and it has great photos too!).

Purchase the book for you or a loved one at Also check out its companion piece, The PHS City Parks Handbook. As with the Flower Show, proceeds from the books benefit PHS’s greening programs, including tree plantings in the tri-state region.

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One Response to “PHS Publishes New Guide for Community Gardeners”

  1. amelia Says:

    I just bought one!

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