Share Some Love and Win Show Tickets!


Want to win something special for your Valentine? Enter our latest Facebook contest. All you have to do is write 14 words or fewer as to why you LOVE the Flower Show. One randomly selected comment-contributor will receive two free Show tickets; the deadline for submitted comments is noon on February 7. Visit the Flower Show facebook page (and make sure you hit the “like” button) to enter!

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14 Responses to “Share Some Love and Win Show Tickets!”

  1. Zeinab Says:

    I love the flower show because I get to see the joy in my husbands eyes the moment he spots all of the orchids. ❤

  2. Lise McCallum Says:

    My daughters and I love the Flower Show. Last year my 18 year old granddaughter joined us, this is being a yearly tradition. We make a weekend of it as we live in Maryland.

  3. Laura Whipple Says:

    I love the flower show because it was an early date with my boyfriend!

  4. Lisa Stein Says:

    The Philadelphia Flower Show is a breath of hope during a very long winter.

  5. Linda Dubin Garfield Says:

    It’s still winter outside but it is spring inside and a joy to behold!

  6. Nasreen Says:

    I love the Philadelphia Flower Show because it will be my first time going!

  7. Kirsten L Crooks Says:

    I learned that Dancing Queen is not just a great song, but a lily!

  8. Gregory Cronin Says:

    parce que j’aime Philadelphie et les fleurs…toujours

  9. Patricia Belz Says:

    My sister and I can share experiences of breathtaking beauty, creativity and enchantment

  10. Regina Liu Says:

    It reminds us to really stop and smell the roses, which everyone needs sometimes.

  11. Sophia Folis Says:

    Paris, Springtime, Phila Flower Show: could this be Heaven?

  12. Carol Schepker Says:

    A delight for the senses that opens our heart and our minds! Of course I LOVE the flower show!

  13. Donna Bouton Says:

    I love the flower show because it is the start of spring for my family!

  14. TC Conner Says:

    There’s no snow in there!

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